Digital Albums

We offer Tamil Songs in lossless format : WAV - FLAC - ALAC (16 Bits Audio).

We include proper tags and album art. There is not any difference in terms of quality between these files.

WAV is an uncompressed format, it is the exact original copy of the audio source. It is supported by all sorts of players but its file size is large.

FLAC is another lossless compressed format. Compressed doesn't mean it lacks quality compared to WAV, the quality remains the same only the file size is reduced.
It's playable by all devices except the Apple ones for which you should use ALAC.

Once you have bought a digital album you'll be able to download the whole album under the format you like in ZIP. You cannot download track by track, our digital content is delivered by a CDN which means you will get the maximum speed.

Currently we do have legal permission for few catalogs only but more will come soon. We are in talks with all labels.

Physical Products

We listed all the products that we have in stock but sometimes it may be not as we get private purchases also but we'll inform you as soon as possible.

Audio CDs, DVDs...

All the products are original and the condition will be always specified under the specific item.


We are selling products sourced from authorized dealers. Everything is properly checked. We do specify for each and every product the important details on its sale page.


We are based in France, and the charges are calculated based on that. We do international shipping.

International Charges :

Below 0.5 Kg : 25€

0.5Kg to 1Kg : 28€

1Kg to 2Kg : 38€

2kg to 5Kg : 55€

5kg to 10Kg : 100€

We'll always choose the cheap, reliable and fast courier service and provide full tracking. We try our best to save you the shipping cost so sometimes we'll give you a discount or refund. You can contact us regarding the above charges and we can arrange.

Handling Time : 3 Days Maximum


We do accept all major cards and you can pay through PayPal also. All the payment processes are secured and safe.


We are working on many features like membership etc many will be added with time. We keep improving our platform.

Terms & Conditions

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Your personal details that we collect during your purchase are kept safe and we're declared to CNIL. You are responsible for the purchase you make, prices and all the other details specific to the item you buy are clearly mentioned on its page.

Regarding our Digital Content, all their rights are reserved and protected by the original copyright owners.

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