Roja & Thanga Kolusu


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Roja & Thanga Kolusu
CD PYR 8027
Music Director > A.R.Rahman & Deva
Record Label > Pyramid (UK)
Condition > Like New

This CD is really very special for any collector, yes it’s A.R.Rahman first film composition.

Alai Osai and Lahari (the original copyright owner) have released for their respective regions (Malaysia / India).

We may not be sure, but this CD was made in 2 versions one UK made (white disc) and the other one made in Singapore (blue disc).

The later editions were by Ayngaran and Saregama. The rest are pirated especially the Ramiy Records ones (don’t waste your money in) and the repress ones.

The Tamil OST of Roja is composed of 6 Tracks, this edition comes with 6 Tracks (one repeated version Of Kadhal Rojave) and Chinna Chinnai Aasai bit version is missing (Lahari/Alai Osai CDs got that).

This comes with Thanga Kolusu, Deva’s album.

When you start playing it will begin with Chinna Chinna Aasai :

சின்ன சின்ன ஆசை சிறகடிக்கும் ஆசை
முத்து முத்து ஆசை முடிந்து வைத்த ஆசை
வெண்ணிலவைத் தொட்டு முத்தமிட ஆசை
என்ன இந்த பூமி சுற்றி வர ஆசை…

Wonderful songs in superb quality, rare Pyramid ACD and ARR!


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